Connect to Published Data Sources in Web Authoring

The steps below describe how to connect to published data sources when you're signed in to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud. For details on how to edit workbooks and view on the web, see Build Views on the Web and Using Tableau on the Web.

For information about how to connect to a published data source from Tableau Desktop, see Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud(Link opens in a new window) in the Connector Example reference in this help system.

Connect to a published data source in the web authoring environment

You can connect to data if you have permissions to create and edit views.

  1. While you’re signed in to your Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud site, select a view to edit.

  2. In editing mode, click the New Data Source icon .

  3. In the Connect to Data dialog box, search for and select a published data source, and then click Connect.

You can also connect to a published data source when you're creating a new workbook directly on Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud.

  1. When you're signed in to your site, navigate to the Explore page and select All Data Sources.

  2. In the list of data sources, tick the box next to the one you want to use, and then click Actions and select New Workbook.

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