Tableau data and analytics survey

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For line-of-business leaders, the data and analytics survey, found in the Tableau Blueprint Planner, identifies key sources of data, how data is distributed and consumed, and what analytical skills exist or need to be developed among their teams. Business teams who will be using Tableau should complete the data and analytics survey or work with an IT team member to facilitate documentation of the information. Consider every source of data – from CSV files, reports distributed via email and local database files to the enterprise data warehouse, cloud applications and external sources. This should be part of the onboarding process as new teams are added. Each line-of-business leader should survey their teams for the following information:


  • What is the team's function?
  • What is the targeted number of users?
  • Within the team is there a data engineering function?
  • Within the team is there a data science practice or business scientist personas for creating models and deploying predictions ?
  • Does your team have data access today for what needs to be analysed?

Data selection and management

  • What business problems/questions need to be solved/answered?
  • How does your team source data? (Salesforce, data warehouse, file exports, third party)
  • What are the key sources of data for the team?
  • How often does the data change?
  • What refresh rates are required?


  • How is data secured?


  • How is data distributed?
  • How frequently is data distributed?
  • What formats are used?
  • Who prepares reports for distribution?
  • Who are the recipients?
  • Are there embedding requirements?


  • How is data consumed? New or replacement solution/report?
  • Do consumers export and perform additional manipulation in context of your team?
  • How is data used in context of recipient's job/role?


  • What analytical skills and capabilities exist within the team?
  • What analytical skills and capabilities need to be developed?
  • Who will be identified and trained as the Tableau champions within the team?
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