Tableau community engagement

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Your organisation’s Tableau user community is just like the Tableau community – only on a smaller scale. You should connect users within your company and generate enthusiasm among a group of people founded on the common cause of putting data at the centre of every conversation. While building excitement around the use of Tableau, engagement activities accelerate and reinforce the vision for modern analytics and ultimately, fuel your organisational transformation.

Engagement activities are used to create and nurture an environment for more productive, results-driven people who will use facts over intuition to make business decisions. People will collaborate with each other and share their product knowledge and business domain experience across a wide range of skill levels and across different teams and departments, who may never have exchanged ideas before.

Engagement activities should include something for everyone, offering a variety of activities that appeal to different skillsets and are delivered in different formats, from in-person to virtual, both inside and outside your company. Whether hosted by your company’s community leader, other Tableau customers, or Tableau Visionaries and Ambassadors, there are a variety of formats to invite users to learn, collaborate and network to increase their Tableau skills.


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