Troubleshooting Tableau Server on AWS

Follow the suggestions in this topic to resolve common issues with Tableau Server when installed on an Amazon EC2 instance in the AWS cloud.

  • TSM CLI does not work from additional nodes

    The TSM cli is designed so you can run tsm commands from any node in a server cluster by including the -s option to specify the name or IP address of the initial node. The following symptom might occur when running TSM commands from multiple nodes in AWS:

    • When running a tsm command with the -s option, a message can display:

      Unable to verify the server's HTTPS certificate.

      To run TSM at the command line from any node other than the initial node, you need to use the -s switch and the private IP address of the initial node.

  • Tableau Server does not use all CPU cores

    One or more of the following symptoms might occur when working with Tableau Server core-based licensing:

    • When installing Tableau Server, the installer might show fewer cores than you would expect to see for the computer running Tableau Server.

    • On the Licenses page on Tableau Server, the number of cores listed under Licenses in Use is less than you would expect to see.

    • When you run tsm licenses list, Tableau Server might report fewer cores in use that you would expect to see.

    For more information, see Not All Cores Recognized by Tableau Server.

  • There is high I/O latency

    Changing the disk driver performance setting to Better Performance may give you better results.

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