Set Up a Server for Subscriptions

When users subscribe to a workbook or view, a snapshot of the view is email to them on scheduled basis, so they can see the latest updates without having to sign into Tableau Server. Administrators, project leaders with appropriate site roles, and content owners have the option to subscribe other users to workbooks and views. For more information, see Subscribe to Views.

Note: To create and receive subscriptions, users need access to related databases and views. See this list of requirements for details.

Configure the server to send subscription emails

  1. Configure SMTP Setup

  2. Configure Server Event Notification

Enable subscriptions

After you have configured SMTP and server event notifications, you can enable subscriptions.

To enable subscriptions:

  1. Open the Tableau Server admin pages.

    • If you are on a server with a single, Default site, go to Step 2.
    • If you are on a multi-site server, open the site where you want to enable subscriptions, and then go to Step 2.
  2. On the side navigation, click Settings.

  3. On the General tab, scroll down to Subscriptions and select the subscription options for your users.

  4. Click Save.

To specify the subscription schedules available to users, see Create or Modify a Schedule.

Test subscriptions in a site

  1. Subscribe to a view.

  2. At the top the browser window, click Schedules.

  3. Select the schedule you chose for the subscription, and then click Actions > Run Now.

    A snapshot of the view should be emailed to you within 10 minutes. If you experience an issue, see Troubleshoot Subscriptions.

Manage all user subscriptions

  1. At the top the browser window, click Tasks, and then click Subscriptions.

    All user subscriptions for the current site appear, including information like subscriber name, view name, and delivery schedule.

  2. Select any subscription you want to update. From the Actions menu, select Change Schedule, Change Subject, Change Empty View Mode, or Unsubscribe.

    (The empty-view option sends subscription emails only when data exists in a view. It's a good choice for high-priority alerts.)

Suspended Subscriptions

By default, a subscription is suspended after 5 consecutive subscription failures and result in the subscription emails not sent. To change the threshold number of subscription failures that can occur before they are suspended, use the tsm configuration set option, backgrounder.subscription_failure_threshold_for_run_prevention. This sets the threshold for the number of consecutive failed subscriptions necessary before suspending the subscription. This is a server-wide setting.

Only Server administrators can configure the threshold number of subscription failures before a subscription is suspended.

Server administrators can opt in to receive email notifications when a subscription is suspended. You can do this by navigating to My account settings -> Subscription Notifications. This setting is at a site-level so has to be configured for site separately.

Resume suspended subscriptions

If a subscription fails more than five times, you'll receive a notification email that your subscription has been suspended. There are a few ways to resume a suspended subscription if you're a subscription owner or administrator:

  • From the My Content area of Tableau web pages, an icon appears in the Last update column to indicate that the subscription is suspended. Select ... > Resume Subscription to resume.

  • From the Subscriptions tab of the affected workbook, an icon appears in the last update column to indicate that the subscription is suspended. Select ... > Resume Subscription to resume.

  • From the Subscriptions tab under Tasks, an icon appears in the last update column to indicate that the subscription is suspended. Select ... > Resume Subscription to resume (Server administrators only).

When a subscription is resumed, the alert failing count goes back to zero. The next evaluation of the subscription will occur at the next scheduled evaluation time.

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