To get a machine-readable version of the server process status, that is, a version of the status formatted in XML, use the following URL:


You must be signed in to Tableau Server to view the machine-readable process status, or have enabled remote access.

The server returns a status report similar to the following:

<systeminfo xmlns:xsi="">
    <machine name="my_tableau_server">
    <repository worker="my_tableau_server:8060" status="Active" preferred="false"/>
    <dataengine worker="my_tableau_server:27042" status="Active"/>
    <applicationserver worker="my_tableau_server:8600" status="Active"/>
    <apiserver worker="my_tableau_server:8000" status="Active"/>
    <vizqlserver worker="my_tableau_server:9100" status="Active"/>
    <dataserver worker="my_tableau_server:9700" status="Active"/>
    <backgrounder worker="my_tableau_server:8250" status="Active"/>
    <gateway worker="my_tableau_server:80" status="Active"/>
    <searchandbrowse worker="my_tableau_server:11000" status="Active"/>
    <cacheserver worker="my_tableau_server:6379" status="Active"/>
    <filestore worker="my_tableau_server:9345" status="Active" pendingTransfers="0" failedTransfers="0" syncTimestamp="2015-02-27T20:30:48.564Z"/>
    <clustercontroller worker="my_tableau_server:12012" status="Active"/>
    <coordination worker="my_tableau_server:12000" status="Active"/>
  <service status="Active"/>

Status values in the XML

  • <process> worker - The name of the node running the process and the port the process is using.

  • status - The status of the process on the node. Possible values are: Active, Passive, Unlicensed, Busy, Down, ReadOnly, ActiveSyncing, StatusNotAvailable, StatusNotAvailableSyncing, NotAvailable, DecommisionedReadOnly, DecomisioningReadOnly, and DecommissionFailedReadOnly

  • pendingTransfers - A count of the workbook or data source extracts the node needs to get to be fully synced. These represent items that were published to this file store node, and items that were published to other file store nodes and need to be copied to this node.

  • failedTransfers - A count of the workbooks or data sources that did not transfer successfully to this file store node during the last automated job. The automated job normally runs about every 15 to 30 minutes, but may take longer when transferring a large number of extracts or large extracts.

    Failed transfers do not necessarily indicate a problem with Tableau Server. The recurring automated job will normally transfer files that failed during the previous sync. Reasons for failed file transfers are listed in the logs.

  • syncTimestamp - The time in UTC of the last automated job that ran and synchronized files.


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