Configure a Custom TSM Administration Group

This topic describes how to configure a custom TSM administration group.

By default, the user account used for TSM administration must be a member of the Administrators group on the computer running Tableau Server. In some organizations, security policy requires separation between administrative roles. In these scenarios, the default TSM administration configuration is not allowed.

You can configure Tableau Server to use an arbitrary group as a custom TSM administration group. Once configured, any user that is a member of the custom group will be able to administer TSM.

Users in the default Windows Administrators group will still have full access to TSM.

Step 1: Create the new group

You can create a local Windows group or a group in Active Directory. We recommend creating a group with default settings. Do not apply or remove permissions from the default group as created by Windows.

Note: The default TSM group name is tsmadmin. If you create the Windows group with the name, tsmadmin, then no further configuration on Tableau Server is required.

Step 2: Configure Tableau Server

The custom TSM administration group name is stored in the tsm.authorized.groups configuration key. If you want to specify a group name (other than tsmadmin) then you will need to update the tsm.authorized.groups configuration key and then restart Tableau Server.

Use the tsm configuration set command to set the group name value. For example, to change the TSM administrative group name to myadmingroup, run the following commands:

tsm configuration set -k tsm.authorized.groups -v myadmingroup
tsm pending-changes apply


  • Setting the tsm.authorized.groups configuration key overwrites any existing value stored on that key.
  • You can specify multiple groups by entering a comma-separated list of group names as the value.

Step 3: Add users to the new group

After you finished setting tsm.authorized.groups, any user in the new group(s) that you have specified will have full TSM administrative rights on Tableau Server.

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