Verify Tableau Service Settings

Confirm that Tableau services are assigned the correct Log On and Startup values. If you are running a distributed installation of Tableau Server, perform these steps on all nodes in the cluster.

Note: The Startup Values for TSM services changed in these maintenance releases: 2020.215, 2020.3.10, 2020.4.6, and 2021.1.3. Values changed from "Automatic" to "Automatic (Delayed Start)" for the following TSM services: Tableau Server Administration Agent, Tableau Server Administration Controller, Tableau Server Client File Service, Tableau Server Coordination Service, Tableau Server License Manager, and Tableau Server Service Manager. If you are running older versions of Tableau Server you do not have to change these values from "Automatic" but can do so without negative impact.

  1. Log on as administrator to the computer running Tableau Server.

  2. On the Tableau Server computer, select Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Services and Applications > Services.

  3. Open Services and Applications, then click Services. Confirm that the following services have the correct settings:

    Service Name Logon Value Startup Value

    FLEXnet Licensing Service 64

    Local System Automatic
    Secondary Logon Local System Manual
    Tableau Server Administration Agent Local System Automatic (Delayed Start)
    Tableau Server Administration Controller Network Service Automatic (Delayed Start)
    Tableau Server Client File Service Network Service Automatic (Delayed Start)
    Tableau Server Coordination Service Network Service Automatic (Delayed Start)
    Tableau Server License Manager

    (Runs on initial node only)

    Local Service

    The License Manager relies on default Windows folder permissions that are applied to the Local Service. In more secure environments, you must modify the permissions on the Tableau installation directory. Otherwise, you may encounter licensing errors.

    See Verify Folder Permissions for more information.

    Automatic (Delayed Start)
    Tableau Server Service Manager <domain>\<username> This is the Run As service account. See below. If you have not specified a Run As service account, then the Network Service system account is used. Automatic (Delayed Start)

Note: Do not change the default settings on the Recovery tab of the Tableau Server Service Manager Properties dialog box; leave the settings for failure recovery as Restart the Service.

Changing the Log On Value

To change the Log On value for Tableau Server (tabsvc) to the Run As service account, see Change the Run As Service Account.

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