Step 5: Optional Server Configurations

The options described in this topic are not required to enable flow publishing and scheduling flows on Tableau Server. They can be used to customizing your environment according to your requirements.

Set the timeout period for flows

You can set time limits for how long a flow can run to make sure that subsequent tasks are not held up due to stalled tasks. The following two tsm command options determine how long a flow task can run before the flow background task is canceled. These two commands together determine the total timeout value for flow tasks.

The backgrounder.default_timeout.run_flow sets the number of seconds before a flow run task is canceled.

For example:

tsm configuration set -k backgrounder.default_timeout.run_flow -v <new value>

tsm pending-changes apply

(Default value: 14400 seconds or 4 hours)

The backgrounder.extra_timeout_in_seconds command sets the number of seconds beyond the setting in backgrounder.querylimit before a background job is canceled. This setting makes sure that a stalled job does not hold up subsequent jobs. The setting applies to processes listed in backgrounder.timeout_tasks.

For example:

tsm configuration set -k backgrounder.extra_timeout_in_seconds -v <value>

(Default value: 1800 seconds or 30 minutes)

Check the available resources on the server running flows. It's recommended that you have a dedicated node for Tableau Prep Conductor.

Set the threshold for suspended flow tasks

By default, a flow task is suspended after 5 consecutive flow task failures. To change the threshold number of flow task failures that can occur before they are suspended, use the following tsm configuration set command:

tsm configuration set -k backgrounder.flow_failure_threshold_for_run_prevention -v <number>

This sets the threshold for the number of consecutive failed flow tasks necessary before suspending the tasks. This is a server-wide setting.

Who can do this

Tableau Server administrators can make changes to server configurations.

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