Create a Performance Recording

The Performance Recording feature in Tableau records performance information about key events as you interact with a workbook. You can then view performance metrics in a workbook that Tableau creates to analyze and troubleshoot different events that are known to affect performance:

  • Query execution

  • Compiling query

  • Geocoding

  • Connections to data sources

  • Layout computations

  • Extract generation

  • Blending data

  • Server rendering (Tableau Server only)

Tableau support may ask that you create a performance workbook as they work with you to diagnose performance issues.

Enable Performance Recording for a Site

By default, performance recording is not enabled for a site. A server administrator can enable performance recording site by site.

  1. Navigate to the site for which you want to enable performance recording.

  2. Click Settings:

  3. Under Workbook Performance Metrics, select Record workbook performance metrics.

  4. Click Save.

Start a Performance Recording for a View

  1. Open the view for which you want to record performance.

    When you open a view, Tableau Server appends ":iid=<n>" after the URL. This is a session ID. For example:
  2. Type :record_performance=yes& at the end of the view URL, immediately before the session ID. For example:
  3. Click the Refresh button in the toolbar.

  4. Load the view.

View a Performance Recording

  1. Click Performance to open a performance workbook. This is an up-to-the-minute snapshot of performance data. You can continue taking additional snapshots as you continue working with the view; the performance data is cumulative.

  2. Move to a different page or remove :record_performance=yes from the URL to stop recording.

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