Create Groups via Active Directory

You can import Active Directory groups to create matching groups on Tableau Server, as well as a user for each member of an Active Directory group that is not already on the server.

Note: In the context of user and group synchronization, Tableau Server configured with LDAP identity store is equivalent to Active Directory. Active Directory synchronization features in Tableau Server function seamlessly with properly configured LDAP directory solutions.

Each user is assigned a site role as part of the import process. If any of the users to be imported exist in Tableau Server, the site role assigned during the import process is applied only if it gives the user more access to the server. Importing users does not demote site roles.

Before importing groups, review User Management in Deployments with External Identity Stores to understand how multiple domains, domain naming, NetBIOS, and Active Directory user name format influence Tableau user management.

  1. In a site, click Groups, and then click Add Groups

  2. Type the name of the Active Directory group you want to import, and then select the group name in the resulting list.

  3. Select the minimumsite role for the users.

  4. Optional: Select Grant role on sign in to provision new site roles and licenses when group users sign in. For more information, see Grant License on Sign In.

  5. Click Import.

Note: You cannot change the name of groups imported from Active Directory. The group name can only be changed in Active Directory.

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