web-data-connector-settings Entity

This entity is used to manage web data connector (WDC) settings. To learn more about using WDCs in Tableau Server, see Web Data Connectors in Tableau Server and tsm data-access.

Use the configuration file template below to create a .json file. After you have filled in the options with the appropriate values, pass the .json file and apply settings with the following commands:

tsm settings import -f /path/to/file.json

tsm pending-changes apply

The pending-changes apply command displays a prompt to let you know this will restart Tableau Server if the server is running. The prompt displays even if the server is stopped, but in that case there is no restart. You can suppress the prompt using the --ignore-prompt option, but this does not change the restart behavior. For more information, see tsm pending-changes apply.

Web data connector settings

The web data connector (WDC) settings in the template below specify whether WDCs are enabled, whether refresh of WDCs is enabled, and the primary and secondary safe lists. The safe lists (or "whitelists") indicate which WDC URLs are approved for use in your Tableau Server installation, and the domains or URLs that a connector can send requests to and receive requests from.

Configuration template

Use this template to configure the WDC settings.

All entity options are case sensitive.

For more explanation about configuration files, entities, and keys see Configuration File Example.

  "configEntities": {
    "web-data-connector-settings": {
      "_type": "webDataConnectorSettingsType",
	  "refreshEnabled": true,
	  "whitelist": {
	    "https://dtreskunov.github.io:80/wta-wdc/": {
		  "secondaryWhitelist": [
	  "enabled": true

Configuration file reference

This table includes all of the options that can be included with the "web-data-connector-settings" entity set.



Value: "web-data-connector-settings"

Do not change.


Set to false to disable refresh of WDCs. Defaults to true.



Can contain one or more matching sets of safe lists and secondary safe lists (one set per WDC). The first URL provided is the safe list, where you specify the WDC URL and port, formatted as follows:


For many WDCs, the <port> value is 443 or 80, but you can check the value for your connector by looking at the data source details on Tableau Server or Tableau Online.



Specifies the domains or URLs that a connector can send requests to and receive requests from. To specify a domain, use a wildcard character (*), as in the following example:



Set to false to disable use of WDCs. Defaults to true.

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