Use the sapHanaSettings entity to configure SAML delegation for SAP HANA.

Review Configure SAP HANA SSO before you continue.

Use the configuration file template below to create a json file. After you have filled in the options with the appropriate values, pass the json file and apply settings with the following commands:

tsm settings import -f path-to-file.json

tsm pending-changes apply

If the pending changes require a server restart, the pending-changes apply command will display a prompt to let you know a restart will occur. This prompt displays even if the server is stopped, but in that case there is no restart. You can suppress the prompt using the --ignore-prompt option, but this does not change the restart behavior. If the changes do not require a restart, the changes are applied without a prompt. For more information, see tsm pending-changes apply.

SAP HANA SAML settings

The settings in the template below specify the settings for Tableau Server in a SAML delegation scenario with SAP HANA.

Configuration template

Use this template to configure trusted authentication settings.

All that are referenced in configEntities must be located on the local computer. Do not specify UNC paths.

Important: All entity options are case sensitive.

For more explanation about configuration files, entities, and keys see Configuration File Example.

  "configEntities": {
	"sapHanaSettings": {
	"_type": "sapHanaSettingsType",
	"enabled": "true",
	"usernameFormat": "username",
	"usernameCase": "preserve",
	"certFile": "path-to-cert_file",
	"keyFile": "path-to-key_file"

Configuration file reference

This table includes all of the options that can be included with the "gatewaySettings" entity set.



Values: true or false


Values: username, domain_and_username, or email

Specifies user name credential format.


Values: lower, upper, or preserve

Specifies user input name case.


Specifies file path and name for the certificate file on the local computer.

For example, "c:\\Program Files\\Tableau\\Tableau Server\\SAML\\saml_cert.crt".


Specifies file path and name for the certificate key on the local computer.

For example, "c:\\Program Files\\Tableau\\Tableau Server\\SAML\\saml_key.der".

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