You can use custom fonts with Tableau Server. When you do this the safest way to guarantee that users have the experience you intend is to keep the following in mind:

  • The fonts need to be installed on the computer where Tableau Server is running. After installing the fonts, restart Tableau Server to use the new fonts.

  • The fonts need to be installed on any client computers that will connect to Tableau Server. You need to have the fonts installed locally in order for your browser to properly display them.

  • As a best practice, use "web safe" fonts that are installed by default on all major browsers. This increases the likelihood that the fonts will display properly on client machines.

  • Different browsers render the same fonts differently, so even when a client browser has the custom font installed, it may look different when viewed in different browsers. This can be especially noticeable with comments or titles where specific spacing is used for an intentional effect.

Note: For more information about installing fonts in Windows, see the Microsoft Knowledgebase(Link opens in a new window).

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