Set Up OAuth for Intuit QuickBooks Online

This topic describes how to set up your Intuit QuickBooks Online data sources for OAuth authentication. Complete these steps for each Tableau Server instance.

Setting up OAuth for QuickBooks Online consists of the following tasks:

  1. Create a Connected App on the Intuit developer platform.

  2. Use the information you get as part of the Connected App to configure your server.

  3. (Optional) Configure site-specific OAuth.

Step 1: Create an Intuit app

  1. Sign in to your Intuit developer account, and then click My Apps.

  2. In the Just start coding section, click Select APIs.

  3. Select Accounting and click Create App.

  4. In the Get your app ready for submission section, click the link to get your production keys.

    Important: You must use production keys rather than development keys.

  5. Copy the app token, OAuth consumer key, and OAuth consumer secret.

Step 2: Configure Tableau Server for Intuit QuickBooks Online

  • On the Tableau Server computer, open the bash shell and run the following commands:

    tsm configuration set -k oauth.quickbooks.oauth_callback_uri -v http://YOUR-SERVER/auth/add_oauth_token

    tsm configuration set -k oauth.quickbooks.consumer_key -v <your_consumer_key>

    tsm configuration set -k oauth.quickbooks.consumer_secret -v <your_consumer_secret>

    tsm pending-changes apply

    If the pending changes require a server restart, the pending-changes apply command will display a prompt to let you know a restart will occur. This prompt displays even if the server is stopped, but in that case there is no restart. You can suppress the prompt using the --ignore-prompt option, but this does not change the restart behavior. If the changes do not require a restart, the changes are applied without a prompt. For more information, see tsm pending-changes apply.

Managing access tokens

If you run an extract refresh job for your QuickBooks Online data source, Tableau Server attempts to renew access tokens for you. To help ensure that your access tokens do not expire, run your extract refresh jobs more than once a month. Otherwise, the access tokens from QuickBooks Online expire and your extract refresh jobs fail. If your access tokens do expire, you can edit your saved credentials from the Settings page.

The saved credentials can be managed centrally or by your users. For more information, see Allow Saved Access Tokens.

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