Configure Data Cache

Views published to Tableau Server are interactive and sometimes have a live connection to a database. As users interact with the views in a web browser, the data that is queried gets stored in a cache. Subsequent visits will pull the data from this cache if it is available. By default, Tableau Server will cache and reuse data for as long as possible. You can change this behavior by configuring the caching option using the tsm data-access caching set command.

  1. Run this command:

    tsm data-access caching set -r <value>

    Where <value> is one of these options:

    • low or empty string (""). This is the default value and indicates that Tableau Server should configure cache and always use cached data when available.
    • <value>. "<value>" specifies the maximum number of minutes data should be cached.
    • always or 0 (zero). These values indicates that Tableau Server should always get the latest data and that the cache should be refreshed each time a page is reloaded.
  2. Apply changes with the tsm pending-changes apply command. This will restart Tableau Server.

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