Performance of Views

Note: This view is only available to server administrators. To access server views on multi-site deployments, click the site menu and select Manage All Sites. For information about how to navigate to administrative views, see Administrative Views .

The Performance of Views administrative view displays how long it takes for views to load and how many sessions are running at a time on the server.

You can compare spikes in the number of sessions with spikes in slow load times to identify the times of day when high user traffic is slowing down the server. You can also look at the individual views by load time to understand which views take the longest to load. For information on how to optimize the server, see Optimize for User Traffic.

Some views might take a long time to load regardless of when they are viewed. You can identify which workbooks need to be optimized with the Stats for Load Times administrative view. Some simple ways to optimize workbooks includes the following:

  • Display less information in each view.

  • Break up views.

  • Reduce the number of filters.

  • Use data extracts.

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