Add Users to a Group

You can organise Tableau Server users into groups to make it easier to manage multiple users. You can create groups on the server or import groups from Active Directory.

If you're managing users with an External identity store, such as Active Directory, add users to a group through the external identity store itself. Once users are added to a group in the external identity store, Tableau Server is able to update those users by synchronising the group of users in the external identity store with the group of users on Tableau Server.

For example, to keep Active Directory group membership up to date, we recommend you review the following:


  • In the context of user and group synchronisation, Tableau Server configured with LDAP identity store is equivalent to Active Directory. Active Directory synchronisation features in Tableau Server function seamlessly with properly configured LDAP directory solutions. When identity pools are configured, you cannot add groups to an identity pool.
  • Adding groups to an identity pool(Link opens in a new window) is not supported. Only individual users can be added to an identity pool.

If you're managing users with an Local identity store, use the procedures described below to add users to a group.

To add a user to a group, the group must already exist.

Add users to a group (Users page)

  1. In a site, click Users.

  2. Select the users you want to add to a group, and then click Actions > Group Membership.

  3. In the Group Membership dialog box, select the groups and then click Save.

Add users to a group (Groups page)

Note: This is only possible for site administrators if the server administrator has configured the site so that both Server and Site administrators can manage users. For more information, see Managing Users (Tableau Server Administrators only).

  1. In a site, click Groups, and then click the name of the group.

  2. In the group's page, click Add Users.

  3. In the Add Users dialog box, select the users to be added, and then click Add Users.

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