Install Switches and Properties for tabcmd (Windows)

Note: The tabcmd command-line utility version 2.0 is available at Tableau tabcmd(Link opens in a new window). This new version allows you to run tabcmd commands on MacOS and Linux, and to authenticate using personal access tokens (PATs). Version 2.0 is built on public endpoints available in the Python-based Tableau Server Client (TSC). This latest version has limited support for Tableau Server.

You can use the following switches when installing the Tableau Server Command Line Utility (tabcmd) version 2019.4.0 or later from the command line on Windows.

Note: There are no equivalent switches for the Linux version of the tabcmd installer.

/install | /repair | /uninstall | /layout "<directory>"

Run Setup to either install, repair or uninstall tabcmd, or with /layout, create a complete local copy of the installation bundle in the directory specified.

Default is to install, displaying UI and all prompts. If no directory is specified on a fresh install, C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\<version>\extras\Command Line Utility is assumed.

Run Setup with minimal UI and no prompts.

/quiet | /silent

Run Setup in unattended, fully silent mode. No UI or prompts are displayed.

Note: Use either /silent or /quiet, not both.


Run Setup without restarting Windows, even if a restart is necessary.

Note: In certain rare cases, a restart cannot be suppressed, even when this option is used. This is most likely when an earlier system restart was skipped, for example, during installation of other software.

/log "<log-file>"

Log information to the specified file and path.

By default log files are created in the user's %TEMP% folder with a naming convention of Tableau_Server_Command_Line_utility_<version_code>.log.

If no file location is specified, the log file is written to the user's TEMP folder (C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp). Check this log file for errors after installation.

Example: <Setup file> /silent /log "C:\Tableau\Logs\tabcmd-Install" ACCEPTEULA=1


ACCEPTEULA=1|0Accept the End User Licence Agreement (EULA). Required for quiet, silent and passive install. 1 = accept the EULA, 0 = do not accept the EULA.

If not included when using /passive, /silent or /quiet, Setup fails silently.

If included but set to 0, Setup fails.

INSTALLDIR="<path\to\installation\directory>"Install tabcmd to the specified non-default install location.

Specifies the location to install tabcmd. If not used, tabcmd is installed to C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\<version_code>\extras\Command Line Utility

Example: <Setup file> /silent INSTALLDIR="C:\tabcmd"


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