Tableau Server Service Manager

The Service Manager manages the lifecycle of the Tableau Server business processes:

  • Gateway
  • Repository & Cluster Controller
  • File Store
  • Application Service
  • SAML Service
  • Backgrounder
  • Data Server
  • VizQL Server
  • Data Engine
  • Cache Server
  • Search & Browse

This process will be automatically configured on each node of the cluster during installation.


Service Manager

StatusStatus of the Service Manager process is not visible on the Status Page. Use the TSM CLI to view status. For more information, see View Server Process Status
LoggingLogs generated by the Service Manager process are located in C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\logs\tabsvc. For more information, see Tableau Server Logs and Log File Locations

What happens when a Service Manager process fails? All the business services on that node will fail as well. Depending on the services running on the node Tableau Server may run in a degraded state.

The Service Manager will automatically restart itself if the machine itself is healthy. If the Service Manager doesn’t start up on the node you can try to start the services manually by running the following command:

sc start tabsvc_0

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