Tableau Server Administration Agent

The Administration Agent monitors the Coordination Service for changes to configuration or topology and delivers new configurations to each service (configuration) or deploys new services and removes old ones (topology). The Administration Agent also checks each of the services for status and reports this back to the Coordination Service. This process will be automatically configured on each node of the cluster during installation – no explicit configuration is required or possible.

The Administration Agent may also be referred to as the TSM Administration Agent.


Administration Agent

StatusStatus of the Administration Agent process is not visible on the Status Page. Use the TSM CLI to view status. For more information, see View Server Process Status
LoggingLogs generated by the Administration Agent process are located in C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\logs\tabadminagent. For more information, see Tableau Server Logs and Log File Locations

What happens when an Administration Agent process fails? All other Tableau Server processes running on the same node will display as “unavailable” on the TSM status page. Tableau Server will continue to work as expected, however you will not be able to make configuration/topology changes to the cluster. Failed Administration Agent processes automatically restart as long as the computer itself is otherwise healthy. If the Administration Agent doesn’t start up on the node, you can try to start the service manually by running the following command:

sc start tabadminagent_0

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