Tableau Server Pre-Flight Check

Introduced in version 2020.3.0 of Tableau Server on Windows, the pre-flight check (PFC) does basic checks of key system configurations to help avoid common installation and upgrade problems.

  • Install – During installation of Tableau Server on Windows, a check of permissions on the installation directory and the data directory are done. If this check determines that permissions aren't adequate for Tableau Server to run successfully, the installation will not fail, but any errors are logged to the Administration Controller log.
  • Upgrade – During upgrade of Tableau Server on Windows, when you run the upgrade-tsm.cmd script, checks of permissions on the installation and data directories are done, along with verification that the ports necessary for specific services are available. Any permissions issues are logged to the app-upgrade.log but do not block the upgrade. Port conflicts stop the upgrade process before initialisation starts, allowing you to correct the problem. Because this happens before initialisation of the new version, you can continue to use your existing version while you investigate the issue, then rerun the upgrade-tsm script.

tsm pre-flight check commands

Two tsm commands gives you the ability to check permissions and ports before running an upgrade, and fix any issues:

tsm maintenance preflight-check permissions

tsm maintenance preflight-check ports


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