Server Upgrade - Back Up Tableau Server

We recommend that you make a backup of your installation of Tableau Server before beginning the upgrade process. This provides data that you'll need to set up a test version of the upgraded environment. It also lets you recover if the upgrade process fails.


  • We recommend you disable subscriptions and scheduling in your production environment immediately before taking the backup, and re-enable them after the backup is complete. Doing this will help avoid having your users receive duplicate subscriptions and email messages when you restore your backup in your test environment.

  • The full backup can take a while if you have a large installation or a lot of extracts.

  • Any changes made between the time you took the backup and the time you do the upgrade are lost because they aren't included in the backup.

  • Remove Unneeded Files.

To back up server configuration data, use the tsm settings command. When you use the tsm maintenance backup command, the current date is appended to the backup file:

tsm maintenance backup -f <backup_file> -d

For more information, see tsm maintenance backup.

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