Multi-node Upgrade -- Run Setup on Each Node

Upgrading Tableau Server on Windows from version 2018.1 or older requires special steps that are documented separately. For instructions for how to upgrade from a pre-2018.2 version, see Upgrade from Tableau Server 2018.1.x or Earlier (Windows).

This topic is part of the Tableau Server in-place upgrade scenario for upgrading from Tableau Server on Windows 2018.2 or later.

Run Setup

On each additional node, navigate to the folder where you copied the Tableau Server Setup program and run the Setup program as you did on the initial node. This will install the new version of Tableau Server on each node, side-by-side with your existing, running version.

When the installation is done on each additional node, the last page of the Setup program tells you that the upgrade is not yet finished. Make sure Automatically launch the upgrade script is not selected, and click OK to close the Setup window. You will run the upgrade script after the new version is installed on all nodes.

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