Troubleshoot SSL Certificate Errors

When you try to add a custom SSL certificate thumbprint to the RMT Server configuration, and select Test Server Configuration, you see the following error:

Certificate doesn't include accessible private key.

This is because the Resource Monitoring Tool is unable to access the private key because the key is not plain text exportable. To resolve the issue, do the following:

  1. Make sure you have the private key using the Windows Certificate Manager.

  2. After receiving the certificate using certreq.exe, run the following command from the folder where the certificate is saved:

    certreq -accept <name of certificate file>

This should resolve the issue and allow you to add a custom SSL certificate thumbprint to use with your Resource Monitoring Tool.

Who can do this

You need to be a Administrator on the machine and be a Resource Monitoring Tool Administrator in order to troubleshoot WMI query issues.

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