Upgrade Power Tools for Server to Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool

Power Tools Server has been rebranded to Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool. The installer has been changed to reflect this rebranding and new ownership. This means the product will install side-by-side with the legacy InterWorks product instead of upgrading it in place.

The 2019.3 version of Power Tools Server (now named the Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool) requires a licence key. For information about activating the licence key, see Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool Legacy Licence Key Activation.

Follow these steps to upgrade to Resource Monitoring ToolThe recommended steps to upgrade are:

  1. Stop all installed InterWorks agents.

  2. Wait for the data processing to complete.

  3. Stop and uninstall InterWorks master server.

  4. Run the Tableau RMT Server installer to install Tableau RMT server.

  5. Stop Tableau RMT server.

  6. Copy over config/config.json from InterWorks RMT Server directory to Tableau RMT Server directory.
  7. If you are using Postgres as your database, the following steps are necessary for the database to function with the security improvements in 2019.3. If using any other database, skip to step 8.

    Postgres SQL Update Instructions:

    • Locate the postgres pg_hba.config file. It will be at <PTS installation directory>\data\postgresql\pg_hba.config.
    • Edit the pg_hba.config file, entries at the end will look like this: host all all trust. Change the last column for all lines from trust to md5. So the new line should look like this: host all all md5.
    • Save the pg_hba.config file.
    • Restart the PTS postgresql service.
  8. Restart Tableau RMT Server.

  9. Run the Tableau Agent installers to install Tableau agents.

  10. Stop Tableau Agents.

  11. Copy over config/config.json from InterWorks agent directory to Tableau Agent directory.

  12. Once the Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool installation is complete, and you have confirmed it is working as expected, uninstall the InterWorks/Tableau Power Tools for Server.




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