This document briefly explains some of Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool core concepts and defines some terminology you will see often.

In an effort to align with our company values of Equality, we have changed non-inclusive terminology where possible. However, you may continue to see the terms in CLI commands and options and other instances. For more information, see About Tableau Help.


Resource Monitoring Tool Agent runs as a background service on each of your Tableau servers. It must be installed on all the nodes in a Tableau Server installation that you want to monitor.

The agent is a lightweight process that monitors the Tableau activity and general performance of the server it is installed on. It reports those details back to the Resource Monitoring Tool Server.

Resource Monitoring Tool Server (RMT Server)

The Resource Monitoring Tool Server hosts the web application that users interact with. It also does much of the background processing to collate and monitor the data from the agents. We will use the term RMT Server to refer to this component.


Environment is the term used to refer to a single node Tableau Server installation, or a Tableau Server cluster. In the RMT Server web interface, each node of the Tableau Server is called a Server.

Resource Monitoring Tool can monitor multiple Tableau Server installations. For example, you may have both production and staging Tableau Servers. In Resource Monitoring Tool, you can create two environments (Production and Staging) and monitor both of those Tableau Server clusters.

Environment Status

The environment status indicates the state of the current Tableau environment. The status is determined by the number and type of incidents and the status of Tableau’s various processes. The following sections will describe what each status means in these terms.


No warning or critical incidents have occurred today and there are not currently any failed processes.


The Environment is in a Warning state when any of the following are true:

  • At least one warning incident has occurred today.
  • A process is Unlicensed.
  • A process is Offline.


The Environment is in a Critical state when any of the following are true:

  • At least one critical incident has occurred today.
  • The Primary Gateway is Offline.
  • All instances of a process are Unlicensed.
  • All instances of a process are Offline.


Server is the term used to refer to each of nodes in the Tableau Server installation. Every machine that you install the Resource Monitoring Tool Agent on is considered a Server.

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