Set the Default Start Page for All Users

In a new deployment, when users sign in to the Tableau Server web authoring environment, they are taken to the Home screen, which displays a role-based welcome banner. Home also displays recent views, favourites and the site's most-viewed content. As the server administrator, you can change users’ default landing page at the server and site level. For example, you can show all workbooks, and when the user signs in, they see the workbooks they have access to.

To set the default start page for all users

  1. Display the page or filtered view you want to be the default page users see when they sign in to the site.

  2. Select your profile icon in the upper right area of the page.

  3. To set the start page for:

    • All users on a site: click Set as Start Page and For Users on this Site.
    • All users on the server: click Set as Start Page and For All Server Users.

User-set start pages and hierarchy

Users can set their own start pages from their profile icon, and can reset their start pages in their account settings (see Access Your Profile and Account Settings(Link opens in a new window)).

If a user sets their own start page, it will override any start page set by a server administrator. The next time that user signs in, they will land on the start page they've set. If a server administrator sets start pages for both a server and a site, users will default to the start page set for themselves (if any), then the site start page, then the server start page. If neither a user or an administrator has set a start page, users will default to Home.


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