Extract Upgrade to .hyper Format

In Tableau version 2018, we introduced the .hyper format for Tableau extracts to replace the old .tde format. The .hyper format has been the standard format used by Tableau to created extracts since 2018, and the large majority of extracts are now .hyper files. Beginning in early 2023, Tableau is discontinuing support for the .tde format on Tableau Cloud and Tableau Public. For more details, see this Tableau Community post(Link opens in a new window).

Discontinuation of support for TDE extract files

Beginning in 2023, the .tde format for Tableau extracts is deprecated. This format was replaced by the .hyper format in 2018 but continued to be valid for uploaded files until March 2023.

  • This change takes place for Tableau Cloud and Tableau Public as of March 2023.
  • Beginning with version 2023.1.0 of Tableau Server, the uploading of .tde format files is disabled by default. A Server Administrator can change this behaviour. For more information, see features.Hyper_DisallowTDEPublishing.

It is unusual to have existing .tde files because these were replaced by .hyper format files in 2018 and several common actions on the files automatically and permanently convert them to the supported .hyper format. For details see below.

Tasks that cause extract upgrade

There are three distinct ways a .tde extract can get upgraded to a .hyper extract: 1.) during an extract refresh (full or incremental), 2.) when appending data to an extract and 3.) when an extract is upgraded manually using Tableau Desktop 2022.4. After an extract has been upgraded, the original .tde extract is automatically removed from Tableau Server if it's not being reference by other workbooks.

The followings tasks on Tableau Server automatically upgrades and converts a .tde extract to a .hyper extract:

  • Manual extract refresh

  • Scheduled extract refresh

  • Automated refresh task that's performed through tabcmd

  • Automated refresh task that's performed through the Extract Command-Line Utility

  • Automated append data to an extract using tabcmd

  • Automated append data to an extract using the Extract Command-Line Utility

  • Encryption of a .tde extract. For more information, see Extract Encryption at Rest.

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