Test Row-Level Security with Preview as User

Use Preview as user to test your data policy. You can see the data as the user sees it and ensure that row-level security is working as expected. This helps when the data policy keeps you from seeing the rows in the table (for example, if only salespeople can see rows and you’re not a salesperson).

To preview the data when the data policy is applied:

  1. Select a table.
  2. In the Table Details section, tick the With policy applied box.
  3. Click Preview as user, select a Group (optional) and a User.
  4. Verify that the policy shows the correct data for that user in the table details.
  5. Repeat for other users as needed.

Tip: In Table Details, click to show the range of values for a column, including which values appear and which are filtered out by the data policy. Select one or two columns that are good indicators that the policy is correctly filtering the data.

Who can do this

To test a virtual connection, you must

  • have credentials to the database that the virtual connection connects to, and
  • be a server or site administrator, or a Creator.

Next step

After you test your data policy, when you're ready to share the virtual connection with others, see Publish a Virtual Connection and Set Permissions.

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