Administrative Views

The Status page contains an embedded Tableau workbook with various administrative views. These views help you to monitor different types of server or site activity.

Important: Beginning with version 2023.1.0 you must install the PostgreSQL driver if you want to use the built-in administrative views. You can find the driver and installation instructions on the Driver Download page(Link opens in a new window).

Upgrading: If you are upgrading in place, your existing driver will continue to work and you do not need to install the new driver, but downloading and installing the driver will provide the most up-to-date version. If you are upgrading by installing a fresh instance of Tableau Server, you need to download the driver.

To see administrative views, click Status. Site administrators can see administrative views for their site. Administrators of multiple sites can see views for the current site.

On a multi-site server, server administrators can see views for the entire server. Click the site menu, and then click Manage All Sites to access the server menus.

To see views for individual sites on a multi-site server, click the site menu, select the site name and then click Site Status.

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