initialize-tsig 스크립트의 도움말 출력

아래 명령을 실행하면 다음과 같은 도움말 콘텐츠가 출력됩니다.

sudo ./initialize-tsig -h

initialize-tsig 스크립트는 /opt/tableau/tableau_tsig/packages/scripts.<version_code>/에 설치됩니다.


--accepteula        	Indicate that you have accepted the End User License Agreement (EULA).
			You can find a link to the EULA in /opt/tableau/tableau_tsig/packages/docs.<version_code>
-c <ts_cluster_location>
                	The network location of all nodes in the Tableau Server cluster. These may send
                       "housekeeping" requests to the TSIG node. The locations must be one of the forms
                       that are acceptable to Apache httpd mod_authz_host "Require" directive as described
                       at Use quotes if there are
                       embedded spaces.


-i <tsig_instance_id>	A unique identifier for the TSIG instance. 
			Default: The computer name.

-p <tsig_external_port>
			Port listening for external requests. 
			Default: 80.

-t <tsig_external_port_protocol>
			Protocol used for external requests. Options are "http" or "https".
			Default: "http".
-k <tsig_housekeeping_port>
			Port listening for housekeeping requests from Tableau Server. 
			Default: 21319.

-s <tsig_housekeeping_port_protocol>
			Protocol used for housekeeping requests. Options are "http" or "https".
			Default: "http".

-d data-dir   		Set a custom location for the data directory
			if it's not already set. If not set, the default is

-f			Bypass warning messages and distribution version checks.

-g			Do not add the current user to the "tableau-tsig" group.
			Use this for easier access to log files and runtime files.

-a <username>		Name of the user to be added to the appropriate groups instead of
			the current user running the script. You cannot use both -g and -a.

-q             	Quiet, suppress output except for errors and warnings.

			Name of the unprivileged account to run Tableau Server Independent Gateway.
			Default: "tableau-tsig".

			Do not create groups or user accounts for Tableau Server Independent Gateway.
			However, the values in: unprivileged-user will still be used in TSIG configuration.

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