Even if you don’t have your own infrastructure and server hardware, you can deploy an enterprise-level Tableau Server installation in the cloud. Building a cloud-based solution has many benefits over an on-premises installation. For example, the overall total cost of ownership for building a Tableau Server solution in the cloud is normally much less than a similar on-premises solution because you don’t need to buy all the expensive hardware. In addition, the cloud can provide better uptime, reliability, and fault-tolerance, especially if you deploy your solution across different regions and availability zones.

Validating your server deployment plan

Before you commit to installing a new Tableau Server deployment in your organisation, be sure to carefully evaluate your options. For most organisations, Tableau Cloud will provide a more reliable, performant and cost-effective analytics solution when compared to self-hosting Tableau Server. For information about the viability of Tableau Cloud for your organisation, review this blog post, Should I move my analytics to the cloud?(Link opens in a new window)

If you have determined that you must self-host Tableau Server, we recommend following the prescribed Tableau deployment in the Enterprise Deployment Guide(Link opens in a new window) (EDG). The EDG presents a fully tested and supported, performant, scalable, secure reference architecture based on a tiered data network. Moving forward, we are committed to investing in the EDG reference architecture to ease feature rollouts and improve upgrade scenarios.

You can build and scale your Tableau environment in the following cloud environments:

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