Enable Custom Schedules for Subscriptions

Custom schedules for subscriptions allow users to receive email messages on a schedule that they define, rather than using a fixed schedule defined by a server administrator. Custom schedules for subscriptions have been available to users of Tableau Cloud since March 2017, and these schedules can now be enabled on a per-site basis in Tableau Server version 2018.2. Enabling custom schedules for subscriptions is a permanent change on any sites where you make this change. Any sites where you don’t enable custom schedules remain on fixed schedules defined by a server administrator.

Enable custom schedules

Before you can enable custom schedules on one or more sites, you must first enable custom schedules on Tableau Server, and then enable custom schedules on one or more sites on that server. To learn more about enabling subscriptions on Tableau Server, see Set Up a Site for Subscriptions.

Step 1: Enable custom schedules on Tableau Server

From a command prompt with Tableau administrator permissions, run the following commands:

tsm configuration set -k features.SelfServiceSchedules -v true
tsm pending-changes apply

This operation will restart Tableau Server.

Step 2: Enable custom schedules on a site

  1. Log in to Tableau Server as a server administrator using a web browser:

  2. Browse to the Site Settings page for a site, and then enable custom schedules:

    1. Click All Sites, and then choose one of the sites from the drop-down list.
    2. Click Settings.
    3. On the General tab, under Subscriptions, select the following tick box: Permanently convert from fixed schedules created by administrators to custom schedules created by users. (You can't undo this).
    4. Click Save.

When custom schedules are enabled on a site, all fixed schedules with a subscription are converted to an equivalent custom schedule.

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