Tableau connectors require a driver to talk to the database. Before you can connect to data sources from Tableau Server, you must install drivers for the data sources you want to connect to. You can find information about supported data sources for Tableau Server on Linux on the Tableau Server tech specs page(Link opens in a new window). You can find driver links and installation instructions for all the supported connectors on the Driver Download page(Link opens in a new window).

Important: You must install the PostgreSQL driver if you want to use the built-in administrative views.

Install drivers in a cluster

You need to install the drivers for your data sources on the initial node in a Tableau Server cluster. If you install Tableau Server on multiple nodes, you must also install drivers on any node that runs any of the following processes:

  • Application Server (Vizportal)
  • Backgrounder
  • Data Server
  • VizQL Server
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