Add Capacity to Tableau Server

You may need to add capacity to your Tableau Server installation to allow you to increase the number of users (if you have a user-based licence) or the number of cores (if you have a core-based licence).

Tableau will provide you with a new product key that adds capacity to your existing Tableau Server installation. You need to activate this key and use it together with your existing product key(s) to get the combined capacity you are licensed for. Each feature (e.g. "Data Management") and licence type (e.g. "Explorer") requires a key. For more information about the relationship between keys and licences, see tsm licences list.

Follow the steps below to add a product key to Tableau Server.

If your Tableau Server is not connected to the internet, then you must perform an offline activation. See Activate Tableau Server Offline.

Note: If you have upgraded to Tableau Server version 2021.1 or later, you no longer need to restart Tableau Server when you add capacity. For more information, see Zero Downtime Licensing(Link opens in a new window).

  1. Open TSM in a browser:


  2. Click Licensing on the Configuration tab and click Activate Licence:

  3. Enter or paste your new product key and click Activate:

  4. After activating the licence, you may be prompted to register with Tableau. On the Register page, enter your information into the fields and click Register.

  1. Copy the product key to your computer.

  2. Run the following command:

    tsm licenses activate --license-key <license key>

  3. After activating the licence, you may need to register Tableau Server. To do this, create a registration file and then pass it as an option with the tsm register command.
    1. Generate a template that you can edit by running the following command:

      tsm register --template > /path/to/<registration_file>.json

    2. Edit the template file to create your completed registration file.

      Here is an example of a registration file in the required format:

       "zip" : "97403",
       "country" : "USA",
       "city" : "Springfield",
       "last_name" : "Simpson",
       "industry" : "Energy",
       "eula" : "yes",
       "title" : "Safety Inspection Engineer",
       "phone" : "5558675309",
       "company" : "Example",
       "state" : "OR",
       "department" : "Engineering",
       "first_name" : "Homer",
       "email" : ""
    3. After saving changes to the file, pass it with the --file option to register Tableau Server:

      tsm register --file /path/to/<registration_file>.json

      For example:

      tsm register --file /usr/share/tableau-reg-file.json

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