Useful Tableau Terms

The following table describes some of the common terms that are used in the Reader help.



Another name for a text table or a table of numbers.


A collection of views shown in a single location where you can compare and monitor a variety of data simultaneously.

Data source

The underlying data that Tableau Reader is connected to. You can't change the data source in Tableau Reader.


A control on a view that limits the data shown in a view. For example, a filter on Region that only includes the West.


A visual representation of one or more rows in a data source. Mark types can be bar, line, square, and so on.

Packaged workbook

A type of workbook created in either Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server. These files contain both the workbook as well as copies of the referenced local file data sources and background images.


The row and columns areas in a view.

Repository A folder located in your My Documents folder that stores workbooks.


The visual representation of your data in a worksheet or dashboard.


A collection of one or more worksheets and dashboards.


A single view of data. Each worksheet can be connected to a single data source.

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