Using Actions to Access Linked Data

Some views might contain actions, which relate information in one view with other views or link to external information. Actions add context to the data and can connect the analytical results to web pages, files, and other worksheets. For example, a view that shows the home sales in a specific neighborhood might contain links to census data for the neighborhood, to a satellite image of the house, and to another worksheet showing similar houses in the area.

There are three kinds of actions that you might see in Reader :

  • Filter Actions - A filter action uses a selection in one view to filter the data shown in another view.

  • Highlight Actions - A highlight action uses a selection in one view to highlight related data in another view.

  • URL Actions. - A URL action points to a web page, file, or other web resource.

An action can be set up to run simply by hovering over a mark, selecting a mark, or right-clicking a mark and selecting a menu option.

Note: Hyperlinks are not always visible for every worksheet and mark. Because hyperlinks are mapped to specific fields in the data source, links are only available for the worksheets that use the mapped fields and for marks that contain the necessary parameters.

For example, the view below shows a URL link from a map view in Reader to a satellite image of a specific location.


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