Embed and Save Vizzes from Ask Data

Important changes for Ask Data and Metrics

Tableau's Ask Data and Metrics features were retired in Tableau Cloud in February 2024 and in Tableau Server version 2024.2. With advances in natural language technologies, we're developing an improved interface that will make it easier to ask questions of your data and stay on top of changes. For more information, see How Tableau AI and Tableau Pulse are reimagining the data experience.

If you're a Tableau Creator, after you create vizzes with Ask Data, you can embed and save them.

Embed an Ask Data lens in a web page

After you ask a question with an Ask Data lens, an Embed Code icon appears in the toolbar. Click it to copy code you can incorporate into any web page.

When web pages with a lens embedded in them load, the lens opens without a viz, waiting for users to ask a question.

To see a lens embedded in a web page, users must have a Tableau license and permission to connect to the lens. They can interact with Ask Data just as they would in the Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server interface, but they can't save resulting vizzes.

Save vizzes in a new workbook

Save vizzes from Ask Data to combine them with other Tableau views and dashboards in a workbook, where you can access Tableau's full range of data analysis and visualization tools.

Tip: To incorporate an interactive Ask Data experience into workbooks instead of a finished viz, see Add an Ask Data lens to a dashboard.

  1. Above the viz, click the save icon , and choose Save as if you're saving the viz for the first time, or Save to overwrite a previously saved version.
  2. If you chose Save as, select Embed password for data source if people who lack access will be viewing the viz.

    To quickly navigate to the saved workbook, click the save icon again, and choose Edit workbook.

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