Build an Accelerator for the Tableau Exchange

Tableau Accelerators are pre-built dashboards that help users jumpstart their analysis in Tableau. With an Accelerator, users can connect their own data to a robust dashboard that is designed specifically for their industry or application and use it to investigate their data. A good Accelerator tells a story that provides insight into business problems and helps users answer questions about their data.

Accelerators are available for download on the Tableau Exchange(Link opens in a new window) and, in a limited subset, on the Salesforce AppExchange(Link opens in a new window). Accelerators are free to use, and users don’t need to share their information in order to download an Accelerator. For information about using an Accelerator, see Use Accelerators to Quickly Visualize Data.

Who can build an Accelerator

Only managed Salesforce partners(Link opens in a new window) can contribute Accelerators to the Tableau Exchange. For information about becoming a Salesforce partner, explore the Salesforce Partner Program(Link opens in a new window). If you aren't a partner, you can still create a workbook that functions like an Accelerator and publish it on Tableau Public(Link opens in a new window), but you aren't eligible to have it included on the Tableau Exchange.

Building an Accelerator doesn’t guarantee that it will be listed on the Tableau Exchange. Accelerators built by partners must be approved, and the content of the Accelerator must be relevant to Tableau users. You’ll work with a partner account manager to understand the specific requirements for Accelerators and to get yours ready for the Tableau Exchange.

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