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Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud offer search capabilities to help you navigate to and discover the content on your site. Search can retrieve all the content that is available on your Site and in your Personal Space, but it will only show the content that you have access to view. Tableau provides two primary search experiences: quick search and full search.

Brief search results

You can access Search by clicking into the search bar in the top right-hand corner of any page on your Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud site. As you type, quick search dynamically renders content suggestions corresponding to the characters you’ve typed. Quick search matches your query terms to the keywords in content Title or Owner fields, and it ranks results through a combination of quality, popularity and relevance signals, increasing the likelihood that the content you’re looking for shows up at the top of the results page. You can click on these results to navigate directly to the content, or you can press Enter, which will land you on the search results page.

When you click into the search bar, you will also see the past queries you have typed, as well as quick link buttons for a subset of content types and content owners, corresponding to the owners of the content that you’ve recently viewed. When you click a quick link button, you’ll navigate to the search results page with the applied scope of the button you just clicked. From there, you can type a search with that applied scope.

When you navigate from the quick search experience to the search results page, you are in the full search experience. By default, the results are shown in Mixed View, which is a combination of grid and list view, depending on the content type.

Full search results page

To change the way the results are displayed, select Show As > List View. List View provides more field metadata per result.

Filters button

You can filter your results by content type such as All, Views, Workbooks and Data Sources. You can further refine your search results with the other filters located above the results. To see more results for a given content type, click See All or select a particular content type from the content type menu. When you're in the single content type view, you can also change the Sort By options. By default, results are sorted by relevance, which ranks results by various usage, quality and personalisation attributes. Some content types can also be sorted by popularity, which uses the frequency and recency of content item views to order the results. For Data Sources, Tables and Objects, and Databases and Files, sorting by popularity orders the results by the number of connected workbooks.
Clear option

Tableau Catalogue users may see search results for non-embedded databases and tables before ingestion to catalogue is finished. When this happens, if you click this entry from the quick search results, a "Showing partial results…" warning message displays. If you review the search results page, the entry is greyed out until ingestion to catalogue is complete.

To find tips on making the most of Tableau search, see

Blog: The Evolution of Tableau Search and Best Practices for Finding Relevant Content.

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