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Added in version 2021.1.3

Einstein Discovery

Embed Einstein Discovery predictions in Tableau Prep Builder

Previously, you could access Einstein Discovery only in Salesforce. Now in Tableau Prep Builder version 2021.1.3, you can bring prediction models built in Einstein Discovery directly into your flows.

With the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can now bulk score your flow data and generate new fields for predicted outcomes at the row level, as well as add top predictors and recommended improvement fields to include data about which fields contributed to the predicted outcome.

Simply add a Prediction step to your flow, sign in to Einstein Discovery and choose from deployed models, and apply them to your flow data. Then generate your flow output and use the new data source to analyze the predicted outcomes in Tableau.

For more information, see Add Einstein Discovery Predictions to your flow.

Note: You must have a Salesforce license and user account that is configured to access Einstein Discovery to use this feature. Flows that include prediction steps are not currently supported on the web.

For related information about Einstein Discovery in Tableau, see Integrate Einstein Discovery Predictions(Link opens in a new window) in the Tableau Desktop help.

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