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Added in version 2021.3.1

Clean and Shape Data

Add missing rows in a series

When you have gaps in your sequential data set, it can be difficult to analyse your data, spot trends or normalise dates. To address this, you can now use the New Rows step type to generate those missing rows for numeric or date fields.

After adding the new step type New Rows to your flow, select either a single field (numeric or date) or a range of fields (date fields only) where missing rows exist and enter your configuration parameters. New rows are generated to fill the gaps in your data.

Preview the results in the Generated Rows pane. Set new row values to zero, Null or copy the value from the previous row. Add the new rows to your existing field or create a new field to preserve your original data.

For more information, see Fill Gaps in Sequential Data.

Keep Flow Data Fresh

Schedule flow tasks to run one after the other

If data for one flow is dependent on the output from another flow, or if you just want to set your flows to run in sequence, you can use the new Linked Tasks option.

With Linked tasks, you can schedule up to 20 flows to run one after the other. Set conditions to run the next flow if the flow succeeds or stop the next flows from running, add a data quality warning and send an email when the flow fails.

Linked tasks is a new option available when scheduling flow run tasks using Tableau Prep Conductor in Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

Note: Server Administrators must enable this functionality on the Settings page, and linked tasks must be enabled on flow schedules in the Schedules dialog. Site administrators can turn off this functionality for individual sites on the Site Settings page.

For more information, see Schedule linked tasks.

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