Set the Site Time Zone for Extracts

The default time zone for extract-based data sources in a site is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Site administrators can set a different time zone.

To set the site time zone for extracts:

  1. Sign in as a site administrator.
  2. On the site you want to configure, click Settings.
  3. In the Site Time Zone for Extracts section, select a time zone and then click Save.

In calculated fields, functions such as NOW() or TODAY() look at the time zone. For more information about Extracts, see Extract Your Data in the Tableau Desktop help.

The timezone setting, in addition to being used for extract-based data sources, also affects internal extracts. One example is when Tableau connects to file-based data sources like text files, it automatically creates an extract in the backend. Another example is data integration, where Tableau uses an extract in the backend to integrate data from different sources.

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