Troubleshoot Refresh Issues

When Tableau Online is unable to complete a scheduled refresh, an alert appears to indicate that the refresh has failed. If a scheduled refresh fails five consecutive times, Tableau Online suspends the refresh. When a refresh is suspended, Tableau Online does not try to run it again until you take an action that attempts to correct the cause of the failure.

To display an alert that describes the reason the refresh failed, select the alert icon in the application header.

Note: This topic pertains to data extract refreshes that you schedule directly on Tableau Online, not to those you scheduled in Tableau Bridge.

Correct errors and resume suspended refreshes

To resolve refresh issues, you can take any of these actions, based on the cause indicated in the alert:

  • Errors related to access token validation or user credentials

    To correct these issues, you can go to the Data Connection page for the data source and edit the connection information. For example, update a user name or password, or select a different access token.

    After you update the connection information, Tableau Online restarts the refresh schedule.

    If you originally embedded the credentials or other data connection information when you published the workbook or data source from Tableau Desktop, you can also republish the workbook or data source. As part of the publishing process, you can choose to set a new refresh schedule. Otherwise, Tableau Online restarts the existing schedule.

  • Errors that indicate the database was unreachable

    Confirm that the database is online and that you can sign in to access the data. You can use the Try again link in the alert to restart the refresh schedule.

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