Bridge Site Capacity

A site has a 100 GB storage limit for workbooks and extracts. An individual workbook or data source (live or extract) published to your site can have a maximum size of 15 GB.

Tableau Bridge can have an impact on the site capacity.

  • Extracts generated by Tableau Bridge do have an impact on the site storage capacity.
  • Virtual connections and embedded data sources that are extracted through Bridge also have an impact the site capacity. This is because the data is processed through Tableau Cloud Backgrounder.
  Capacity Type Bridge Impact on Site Capacity?
Storage Site

Yes (Extracts)

Individual workbook, published data source, or flow size

See Tableau Cloud Site Capacity.

Extract refreshes with Bridge Daily refreshes No
Concurrent refreshes


Individual refresh runtimes No
Virtual Connections and Embedded Data Sources with Bridge Daily refreshes Yes
Concurrent refreshes Yes
Individual refresh runtimes Yes
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