Spell Check (Tableau Cloud and Tableau Server Only)

As of Tableau 2024.2, you can use your web browser's built-in spell check functionality to identify spelling errors and find correct spelling suggestions on your text content on the following rich text authoring components in Tableau:

  • Tooltips
  • Captions
  • Worksheet Titles
  • Dashboard Titles
  • Dashboard Descriptions
  • Legend Titles
  • Filter Control Titles
  • Parameter Control Titles
  • Annotations
  • Highlighter Control Titles
  • Pages Control Titles
  • Story Titles
  • Story Descriptions
  • Mark Labels
  • Viz Alt Text
  • Field Comments
  • Edit Groups and Alias Dialog

When entering text in these rich authoring components, words that are identified as a possible spelling error will be flagged. For example, if you're using Google Chrome or Safari, the words are underlined with a red, squiggly line. You can right-click the word and see a list of spelling suggestions from your web browser.

Spell check isn’t currently supported for Tableau attributes, such as creating custom field names using SQL elements.

As this feature is powered by your web browser, there may be slight variations in the appearance and spelling recommendations provided by the browser. If your text is being flagged incorrectly, you can add words to your web browser's local word library.

The web browser that you're using determines whether the feature is turned on and which languages are supported. If you'd like to turn off spell check you can do it through your web browser's spell check settings.

To see if your browser and language are supported, see the following table.

Supported browsers and languages


Google Chrome

(Basic and Enhanced spell check options)



(Dictionary add on needed)

Microsoft Edge

(Basic and Enhanced spell check options)

English (US)

Yes Yes Yes Yes
English (UK) Yes Yes Yes Yes
French (France) Yes Yes Yes Yes

French (Canada)

No Yes No

No (Basic)

Yes (Enhanced)

German Yes Yes Yes Yes
Italian Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spanish Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brazilian Portuguese Yes Yes Yes Yes
Swedish Yes Yes Yes Yes
Japanese No Yes (Kana and Romaji) No No
Korean Yes Yes (2-Set) Yes Yes
Traditional Chinese No Yes No No
Simplified Chinese No Yes No No
Thai No No No

No (Basic)

Yes (Enhanced)

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