Delete Groups

You can delete any group with the exception of the All Users group. When you delete a group, the users are removed from the group but they are not deleted from the site.

  1. Sign in to Tableau Cloud as site admin.

  2. From the left navigation pane, click Groups.

  3. On the Groups page, select one or more groups to delete.

  4. Select Actions > Delete.

Effects of deleting groups

Groups with on-demand access

Beginning in October 2023, some sites can enable the on-demand access capability for groups. When you delete one or more groups with the on-demand access capability enabled, any embedded Tableau content that was accessible to users not provisioned on your site can no longer access the content.

Groups in group sets

Beginning in June 2024 (Tableau 2024.2), groups can be added to group sets. When content permissions are dependent on a group set, content capabilities are evaluated when users belong to all groups in the group set. If a group that belongs to a group set is deleted then it can change user access to Tableau content when content permissions are dependent on the group set.

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