Automatically Suspend Extract Refreshes for Inactive Workbooks and Data Sources

To save resources you can automatically suspend extract refresh tasks for inactive workbooks and published data sources. This feature applies to full extract refreshes that occur more frequently than once a week. Incremental refreshes and those that occur less frequently than weekly are not impacted.

For a workbook, if any of the following events occur, the workbook's inactivity countdown timer is reset:

  • Viewing the workbook sheets
  • Having any data-driven alert or subscription set-up on the workbook
  • Downloading the workbook
  • Moving the workbook's location or changing the owner

For a published data source, any event which fetches the data from the data source will cause its inactivity countdown timer to be reset. These include:

  • Loading a workbook view that is connected to the data source
  • Visiting the data source‚Äôs Ask Data page
  • Tableau Desktop connecting to the data source


An email notification is sent three days before the extract refresh schedule is suspended.

Another email notification is sent when the extract refresh schedule is suspended.

Resume suspended extract refreshes

Suspended extract refreshes won't automatically resume if someone uses the workbook. It must be done manually by a site administrator.

To view and resume extract refreshes that were suspended:

  1. Sign in to the site as an administrator and click Tasks.
  2. Click the Extract Refreshes tab.
  3. Select one or more items.
  4. From the Actions menu, select Resume.

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