Use a Table Calculation in a Tableau Data Story

You can use a Table Calculation as a measure in a Tableau Data Story in addition to the measure that you used to create the table calculation.

  1. From the Marks card, click the right side of your field to open a menu, and click Quick Table Calculation.

    The menu that opens when you right click a field in the Marks card. Quick Table Calculation is selected.

  1. After you create your table calculation, drag it to Measures in the Data pane and rename it.

    An animation of dragging the calculation from the shelf to the Data pane.

  1. Drag your original measure (e.g., Sales) back to the Rows shelf, and then drag your new calculation (e.g., Sum of Sales) into the Tooltip. Your visualization may remain the same, but you now have access to the new measure.

    An animation of dragging the measure to the shelf.

  1. Go to your dashboard and drag the Data Story object onto the dashboard. Both measures appear when creating your story.
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